5 Essential Skin Care Tips of the Fall Season

You’ve been soaking up the sun and enjoying the heat of the summer, but as the temperatures drop and the season’s change, does your skincare routine change with it?

Every season brings varying conditions, all of which affect your skin differently. There’s even this study showing how the proteins and cells in the skin change with the seasons.

When summer turns into the fall, the air will be colder and drier. So you will start turning on the heat in your home. The warm breeze of the summer months will become the brisk wind of fall and winter.

You’ll need a new set of fall skincare essentials if you want to save your skin from the chaos of changing seasons. To learn the best skincare steps, keep reading.

Fall Skin care essentials

1. Always Cleanse

As the air gets colder and your skin starts to dry out, you need a gentle and effective cleanser to keep your skin healthy and bright.

More specifically, you should focus on cleansers that can restore moisture. For example, you may want to switch from an oil-based cleanser to a cream-based one. Or, if you struggle with acne, try this cleansing foam.

If you’re new to using cleansers and aren’t sure how your skin should feel, stick with cleansers that leave your skin smooth and comfortable, not tight and dry.

2. Moisturize Frequently

You probably used a super-light moisturizer during the hot and sweaty summer months, so your pores didn’t feel clogged as you tanned in the sun.

In the fall, transition to a moisturizer that doesn’t hold back on keeping your skin smooth and nourished. 

3. Don’t Forget About Sunscreen

While you may assume that summer is the only season you need to worry about sun damage, you’d be wrong. The sun’s UV rays still pack a punch in the colder months.

The difference is the type of UV rays. Summer is full of UV rays for tanning and sunburning. While those rays subside in the fall, there is still a high risk for skin cancer and wrinkles from sun exposure.

All that said, don’t start skimping on the SPF. Instead, find a sunscreen that can keep you covered no matter the season.

4. Hydrate Your Lips

Staying hydrated as your skin dries out in the cold weather is a fall skincare necessity.

Beware of chapped lips and cracking skin and the annoyance and pain that comes with them. One of the best skincare steps is to keep them moisturized with a soothing lip balm.

5. Body Scrub

One of the other skincare routine steps to include in your fall arsenal is a body scrub. So naturally, you’ll want one that repairs your skin from any sun damage.

A good body scrub will also clear off any dead skin cells that hold excess oil in your skin and cause breakouts.

Fall Skin Care Essentials

Keep your skin glowing and healthy by switching out your summer products for your fall skincare essentials. It’s truly the best way to support your skin’s health throughout any season of the year.

Find Your Fall Skincare Favorites

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