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Body Treatments & Scrubs

Body Scrubs and Organic Body Wraps 

Detoxifying Body Treatment

This treatment will cleanse and balance your body. After a light dry brushing, the entire body is treated to a mineral rich application of our specially blended detoxifying body treatment. You are then wrapped in heat to release toxins from the skin. Your spa professional will complete your treatment with a skin firming body lotion.

Coconut Cream Firming Treatment

Divine aromas will take you away while the rich coconut sugar scrub known for its ancient healing properties smoothes skin and increases circulation. You will finish with a relaxing massage application of coconut firming body lotion to tighten the skin and restore moisture.

Cool and Minty Treatment

Refreshing cucumber and aromatic mint come together in the most uplifting sugar scrub. Infuse your skin with active organic herbs to gently purify the skin. Your skin will be silky and smooth with a dewy finish that feels irresistible to the touch.

Foot Treatments

Reflexology Tired Feet Relief

Skiers LOVE this treatment. Come down from the mountain and give your feet some extra loving care.

Treat your feet with a warm liniment mud treatment and reflexology foot massage. Our Reflexology Tired Feet Relief begins with a quick wash and scrub of the feet followed by a warm liniment foot mask. You’ll feel every ache in your feet melting away while receiving a head, neck and shoulder massage. After removing the foot mask with warm towels, your Spa Professional will melt any final tension in your feet with a firm reflexology foot massage.


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