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Rest and Rejuvenate at a Unique Corporate Retreat

A well-executed corporate retreat is a great employee lifestyle benefit that can turn those employees into a cohesive team. More than that, it is a simple and effective way to get energized and ready for the road ahead.

The best corporate retreats are equal parts energetic activities and quiet moment of rest and relaxation. It will include amazing accommodations with opportunities for education and interpersonal development. You might include a full schedule of wellness programs, spa services, and even a little adventure here and there.

At Mountainside Spa, we can help with that.

Give your employees the opportunity to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul at a beautiful location.

Contact us today to learn about some of the incredible corporate retreats near Salt Lake City.

Massage and Spa Services at Your Corporate Retreat

When you want your entire company to put down their work and escape the daily grind for a while – even if it’s just for a couple days – a fun, relaxing, and unique getaway may be the best solution.

This may be one of the few times in the year when your employees can really focus on themselves and throw some of their stress out the window.

And nothing relieves stress better than a professional, therapeutic massage.

Mountainside Spa can provide a relaxing experience for all your employees at some wonderful locations around Salt Lake City.

Imagine spending a day exploring the rugged landscapes in Moab, only to come back to a deep tissue massage before joining a class on personal wellness.

Or maybe after an amazing lunch in a beautiful cabin you complete the experience with a hot stone massage that can just melt the stress away.

Employee Lifestyle Benefits

The world works hard to pile new stress on your employees every day.

A corporate retreat that focuses on escaping some of that stress can make a huge difference, and take a little of the edge off the daily grind.

You can find out more about our different options for corporate retreats by contacting us with any of your questions.
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