Why Putting Adults in Time Out is the Ultimate Act of Self-Care – The Mountainside Spa Way

Over a quarter of adults nationwide feel stressed about things out of their control. That can be a helpless place to be! And that’s why taking time to rest and relax is so important.

But that’s often easier said than done. Getting away from daily tasks can feel frivolous for some and impossible for others. 

Taking a time out at a spa helps force you into a relaxing mode while feeling productive at the same time. Check out these ways visiting The Mountainside Spa can help you take a break from your daily life. And how you can create a much calmer life!  

rest time for two people in a spa

Multi-Task While Resting

One of the hardest things about doing self-care is feeling like you have permission to relax. There’s always so much that needs to be done; it can feel irresponsible. 

But relaxing while improving your body can be just what you need to start. 

Getting a facial is a great way to multi-task relaxing while also working on your skin. You can even take a nap while getting the treatment done! 

Massage the Tension Away

If you’re looking for full-body rejuvenation, consider getting a massage. These are the best way to relieve all the tension you’re holding because of stress. And you can get the rest you need while getting all those pain points worked on. 

The great thing about massage is there are so many different types. You can have a customized experience. You can even talk with the therapist about specific points you need help with. 

Leave With Silky Smooth Skin

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you want to shake it all off and start over. Getting a body scrub can be a metaphor for just that. Scrub off all the dead skin, impurities, and junk built up over time. And leave with silky, smooth skin ready to take on all the challenges. 

Give Your Brain a Break

Going to a spa for the day always boosts your mental health. And can also be a great way to improve your physical health. 

Too much time feeling overwhelmed will end up causing adverse effects on your body. But regularly taking time to relax can help counteract all of those stressors. Your body will benefit significantly from relaxation

The Importance of Taking Time to Rest 

The problem with feeling overwhelmed and stressed is that it creates a destructive cycle. Once you’re feeling these negative emotions, it’s difficult to snap out of it and change your days. And that’s where taking time to rest makes a huge difference. 

Going to a spa gives you a chance to reset and start over. You’ll get enough of a break from your stress to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This time away can be priceless. 

Time to Rest

At The Mountainside Spa, we have options for everyone to find something they love. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!