Why Us? Why Mountainside Spa?

We love your look of bliss and ease

There are millions of massage & spa centers across America.

So, why indeed, should you choose Mountainside Spa over something else?

Why should you come to us and not go to our neighbor who’s running the same type of business?

The answer is simple…


Memberships Help You Take Care of You

Why a Membership: Don’t let day to day life stop you from regular self-care.
About Our Memberships: https://mountainsidespa.com/massage-memberships/

We have expert massage therapists and use top of the line products. Learn more about our unique massage membership options and perks. 

At Mountainside Spa, we understand that juggling between the big responsibilities of work & career, being a parent and giving the best education to your kids can be very demanding and overwhelming. Exhausting, even. And therefore – hard work.

Which makes adulting very difficult some days.

Just like children, adults too need time out, time only for themselves, time to relax and rewind, time to be free and carefree, time to play & have fun – time to be a child again and let somebody else do the work while you’re being pampered and spoiled head to toe.

We understand that for these adults it’s hard to find that particular special spa where they feel they can give in completely; be themselves, be free, at peace, serene, jolly, light-minded and light-hearted, putting aside for several hours the warriors’ attitude, the “It’s all on my shoulders and I have to make it happen” attitude. Their body hurts and it’s beginning to age. They are feeling the stresses of life and they need and want a massive pain relief.

Spa social events for our clients

And this is exactly what Mountainside Spa offers to its guests, with Massage Therapy – Organic Skin Care – Medicinal Body Treatments and Waxing. But we also care about fitting into your life, which is why when you call us we will do our best to find a schedule that works for you.

Yes, I want an appointment now!

Community event hosted at the spa

Your smile – Massage therapists love that look of ease and relief that we see on your faces at the end of a therapy session.

We are here because we love our guests

We love all our guests. We respect and cherish them, and we’re always at their disposal. We become friends and even like family as our biggest desire is to help them feel better in their bodies and their lives.

Nothing is more beautiful in this world than when you’re feeling so free, alive and charged up that you wake up happy every day, ready for a new adventure with your family, playing outside skiing, hiking, biking and camping in the mountains!

This is what a healthy self-care ritual can give to you – the ticket to enjoy your life, in any way that may look to you.

Self care and timeouts with great friends and family keep you zigzagging through the world in the most cheerful way possible, content with life and everything that it brings to you.

And all this because you chose to invest in your self-care, first.

This is what Mountainside Spa stands for.


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