Why It’s Important to Give Back to Healthcare Workers

Nurses, medical assistants, and personal care aides form the backbone of our healthcare system. Those healthcare workers continue to work on the frontlines of an ongoing pandemic — often working 60+ hour weeks. 

The prompt and often dangerous work performed by healthcare workers earned them the title of “hero” in the eyes of many. While we can’t fully thank these men and women for their arduous work, we can give back to them in small ways that can make a big difference. Here are a few ideas. 

healthcare workers

Why Healthcare Workers Need Our Support

If you think nurses and medical assistants are paid anywhere near what doctors make, you may be surprised. Healthcare workers easily put in the same number of hours as physicians but earn a fraction of their income.

While medical doctors earn around $100 per hour, nurses garner around one-third of that hourly wage. Healthcare workers work in the same environments as surgeons and doctors, and they often do undesirable but important work (like cleaning bodily fluids) that might make non-medical workers wheezy.

Nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare workers administer life-saving treatments. In the event of a medical emergency, nurses are often the first ones to respond to a patient who is in distress. 

Ways to Support Healthcare Heroes

There are many ways to give back to these healthcare heroes. Thank you gifts for healthcare workers could include something as simple as a letter or card that expresses gratitude for the work they do.

Nurses and other healthcare workers often feel unappreciated, according to one study. Expressing appreciation for the work they do — whether through verbal reminders, cards, or letters — can boost the spirits of these essential workers. 

Gift Ideas 

If you can’t find the right words to thank a healthcare worker, consider these gift ideas for healthcare workers. Our mission is to enhance relaxation and the joy of living by offering products that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

Mountainside Spa offers a wide range of oils, cleansing foams, and topical salves that can rejuvenate skin or relax sore muscles.  

Nurses have stressful jobs. Helping them relax can go a long way toward improving their daily lives. Consider a Relax Collection Gift Set as one of your gifts for healthcare workers.

Healthcare-related work can be physically demanding. Long hours standing up can leave nurses with achy muscles. Consider giving a sports massage pack or one of our gift baskets for healthcare workers as a thank you gift. A sports massage can improve blood circulation while relieving tight muscle discomfort. 

Give Back on Giving Tuesday

Healthcare workers are often the first and last line of defense in the event of a medical emergency. We can’t fully thank them for the work they do, but small gestures can make a big difference in their lives. 

Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday, purchase a gift card for a medical professional, and we’ll match that donation. It’s our small way of thanking our valued healthcare workers for the work they do.