As the holidays are approaching, many companies are starting to think about what they are going to do for their company Christmas party.

If you are one of these companies and are looking for something incredibly unique that will really show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, consider providing the gift of relaxation.

There are two great ways to do this, with a mobile massage or massage retreat.

Mobile Massages

Many corporate Christmas party ideas revolve around going to dinner and having a formal get-together with all the employees. These are usually filled with stress for the planners to arrange and the employees to attend. While they may turn out nice, a more relaxing party option is available.

With mobile massage therapists, you can do your company Christmas party in style. The only thing you need to do yourself if maybe arrange for a catered lunch to bring in food for everyone to enjoy while they wait for their turn with the massage therapist.

The work week is always full of long to-do lists and client meetings, so why not give everyone a break from it all without requiring any employee to spend the time organizing out the details? With enough massage therapists on hand, everyone will get to take a turn relaxing on the table, getting their aches and pains worked on by a professional.

Massage Retreats

Another relaxing opportunity is a massage retreat. Here in the Salt Lake Valley, company Christmas party ideas don’t include enough retreats. When there are so many ski resorts and retreat locations just a short drive away, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

With so much beautiful scenery around, there are plenty of opportunities close-by to get away from the office and escape from a daily routine. Provide your employees with a retreat like none other with a massage retreat.

A massage retreat is focused on one thing, and one thing only: relaxation. Massage therapists work to help teach relaxation skills while also providing a massage to relieve tension and stress that is so typical during the holiday months.

Don’t worry about awkward team building activities on these retreats. Instead, learn about how to relax and reduce stress in your daily life. These benefits help your employees’ lives that they can utilize all year long.

A Better Way to Say Thank You

These two options are more than just a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening. Giving your employees, a little pampering is a better way to say thank you because they will genuinely enjoy the experience.

So many people don’t take enough time to relax and rejuvenate themselves because it takes extra time and money. Planning a corporate Christmas party that forces them to be a little selfish and take some time for themselves is really a great way to let others know you appreciate everything they do.

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