Time Out for Teachers: 4 Spa Treatments to Get Through the School Year

Three out of four teachers report experiencing stress on the job. It’s a challenging and vital role, and teachers rarely get the praise they deserve. That’s why finding the best spa treatments for teachers is one option to help one with stress.

There are multiple benefits to treating yourself to a spa day as a teacher. First, when you’re relaxed, you create a better learning environment for your students. If you’re ready and happy to teach, then everybody wins!

If you know a stressed-out teacher or you are one, read on to find the best range of rejuvenating spa treatments available at Mountainside Spa.

spa treatments for teachers

Blueberry Detox Body Treatment

Blueberries are widely known for their antioxidant benefits, and this treatment makes the most of them. You’ll receive a sugar scrub plus an activated wrap that promotes blood flow and warmth in your body.

The wrap will also ensure all the vitamins and goodness from the blueberry sugar scrub get into your skin so you absorb them fully. You’ll leave this treatment feeling healthier, rested, and positively glowing. The relaxing benefits will be with you right throughout the school week. 

Detoxifying Body Treatment

This all-over body treatment is perfect when you need a little TLC everywhere. All the essential parts of your body receive treatment. You’ll leave feeling balanced and grounded after this detox body treatment.

You’ll first receive a dry brushing. Then, one of the specialists will apply the detoxifying body treatment.

After this, you’ll be wrapped in heat to promote healthier circulation. Finally, you’ll receive a massage with a firming body lotion to remove any tension from your body. 

Stone Crop Soothing Sugar Scrub

This scrub is perfect for ridding your body of any redness and tension. Mint and stone crop are combined in a deeply soothing sugar scrub to rub away any stress from your body and mind. 

The herbs infused into the scrub detoxify and purify your skin. You’ll notice that it is simply glowing following your deep sugar scrub. After this treatment, you’ll feel as good as you do on a Friday evening, even if it’s a Monday morning.

Reflexology Tired Feet Relief

A reflexology treatment is not only seriously relaxing. Reflexologists believe that certain areas of the feet connect to specific body parts. So reflexology can help relieve other aches and pains or mental fatigue. 

The tired feet relief treatment starts with a gentle scrub and is followed by a soothing foot mask. You’ll then have a deep, thorough foot massage that removes any pain and stress. 

You’ve Found the Best Place For Spa Treatments for Teachers

Finding the best spa treatments for teachers is a great idea for any teacher. You’ll be able to wind down and prepare yourself for school in the hands of dedicated relaxation specialists. 

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