Taking Care of the Skin Around Your Eyes

You won’t look radiant, vibrant, and energetic if you’re not looking after the skin around your eyes. Think about it, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are the number one giveaway that someone is tired, unwell, or unhappy.

Getting more sleep and a healthy lifestyle will help, but there is more that you can do for optimum skincare around the eye. Some products will change the game, but you also need a consistent approach. 

All you need is a well-educated routine that uses the right products – commit to looking after your skin and keep your face looking radiant and young. 

If you’re looking for a fail-proof routine that will get the best results, read our step-by-step guide.

taking care of the skin around your eyes

1. Moisturize

We can’t say it enough, moisturizing your skin is so important! Lack of hydration, inadequate nutrition, weather damage, and bathing in hot water can cause dry skin. 

But for glowing and radiant skin, make sure to use a daily moisturizer that contains SPF and vitamin C to fight sun damage and increase hydration. Using a moisturizer on the skin around your eyes will help prime the skin for the rest of your eye care routine. 

2. Serum

Use a nourishing and hydrating serum on the eye skin. Neroli oil with coconut water and green apple stem cell technology helps in preventing wrinkles. 

For the best results, please choose a suitable serum for all skin types and apply it daily to nourish the delicate skin under the eyes. 

3. Eye Cream 

Next, use an eye cream both morning and night to smooth roughness, decrease puffiness and reduce eye bags. Good eye creams will leave your skin looking instantly refreshed. But, make sure to leave it on overnight for added hydration benefits.

Some eye creams don’t contain hydrating elements, so make sure to look out for eye creams that contain botanical peptides for the best results.

4. Tips for Fine Lines and Puffiness

Fine lines and puffy eyes- we’ve all had them. The most important thing is to be consistent with your skincare routine. But we also have a few natural remedies that you can do at home. 

For fine lines, the key is to reduce stress. Do you spend your day squinting at a screen or with your forehead set in a frown? This will accelerate aging like nothing else, so make an effort to keep your face relaxed. 

For puffiness – it’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this but, are you getting enough sleep? If not, you need to. When you aren’t feeling rested, use ice to massage the skin around your eyes to reduce puffiness. 

5.  Massage

Finally, to lighten dark circles, give the skin around your eyes a tapping massage. Using a gentle tapping motion, tap out a circle around the eyes with your index and middle fingers. This helps increase blood flow and lymph drainage. 

Commit to Good Skincare Around the Eye

Did you enjoy this article about improving your skincare around the eye? It’s time to commit today to a consistent and effective skincare routine! 

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