Summertime Self-Care for Teachers: Refresh, Recharge, and Reinvigorate Yourself

Teachers dedicate much of their lives to others. The average teacher spends about 54 hours each week on their work, with much of it extending beyond the classroom.

To care for others, you must first honor yourself. Make time for yourself this summer so that you go back to school feeling rejuvenated next fall.

Keep reading to learn about self-care for teachers!

Summertime Self-Care for Teachers

Teacher Burnout

Selfless people often feel selfish, focusing on their needs. But this leads to teacher burnout.

When people get burned out, they tend to feel physically exhausted though they cannot sleep. It causes them to detach from others, creating a lack of empathy and cynicism.

It makes teaching difficult as the condition leads to forgetfulness and a lack of concentration. Anxiety and depression often creep up during burnout.

This affects a teacher’s ability to teach in a healthy and productive way. So, students may feel the effects nearly as much as the teacher.

Many teachers come into the profession with wide-eyed intentions. Over the years, they may seem resentful of the role they took on when they don’t take measures to avoid teacher burnout.

At-Home Self-Care for Teachers

Teachers should take measures to look and feel physically healthy. This will increase their energy to prevent or cure burnout.

Many teachers snack between classes and lose out on sleep at night. Eating balanced meals and creating a good sleep schedule for the summer keeps the body nourished and rested so that you can think clearly and maintain your health.

Daily walks and yoga can help you stay in shape. Endorphins produced during exercise improve the mood while you remain strong.

Developing a good skincare routine with quality products will give you a glow of confidence. Taking care of yourself fills your cup so that you can continue filling others.

Enjoy a Spa Day

You also deserve to let others care for you from time to time! Book yourself a spa day every couple of weeks to truly feel pampered!

An organic facial will heal your skin with more intensity than a home care routine. The gentle neck and face massage at the end sends you out feeling relaxed.

Getting lost in the role of a teacher can make you forget the other aspects of your human nature. Lift your lashes and your spirits to remind yourself that you are more than a teacher!

Classroom stress will build up in your body, creating tense muscles and discomfort. Emotions actually manifest physically when we bury them, as teachers often do while teaching. Regular massages help move this energy out of you so that you feel physically and emotionally better.

Prioritize Teacher Self-Care

You became a teacher to help others. Teacher burnout can lead to you hurting both yourself and others as it takes away your spark.

Take a Monthly Break

Self-Care for teachers should always be prioritized. This keeps them inspired to inspire others!

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