Local Massage Therapy

Are you looking for a new local Spa that has amazing Massage Therapists and Local Massage Therapy Prices? We offer Athletic Massage with a spa twist and have now moved down the mountain to offer our local friends and family continued relaxation year-round.

Are you looking for a spa near you in Salt Lake City? Stop by our Holladay Store in the Old Mill Village. We unlocked the spa for your everyday budget. Massage Therapy prices start at $1 per minute. You get to choose your time. For 10 – 15 minutes we relax you on our massage chair and get into those spots that need the most attention.

20 – 100 minutes or longer and we send you back to a relaxing room where you can lay down on a massage table and take a break from the world. Our therapists personalize your massage to give the best treatment for you.

Come Get Spoiled