Proper Foot Care 101

Our feet do a lot for us. Whether helping us walk, run, or dance, they are constantly working on getting us where we need to be.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure you take proper care of your feet! Good foot care promotes a healthier lifestyle and leaves your feet feeling smooth and refreshed after a long day’s work.

While many people tend to neglect foot care and foot health, we’re here to remind you what to do to keep them happy. So just keep on reading to learn about proper foot care!

proper foot care

Wash Your Feet Everyday With Soap and Water

Washing your feet every day helps to keep infections and odors at bay.

Your feet will be spotless after using a washcloth, flannel, loofah, or sponge to scrape away dirt and bacteria. Next, gently scrub each foot, paying particular attention to the arch, the space between the toes, and the area around the toenails.

You will need to scrub a little harder and use extra soap if there is built-up grime.

Dry Your Feet Thoroughly, Especially Between the Toes

Did you know that moisture on your feet and toes can cause the growth of bacteria and toenail fungus?

It’s crucial to keep your feet as dry as possible to avoid infection. Drying your feet after washing them will also stop additional dirt from collecting on them.

To thoroughly dry your feet, grab a towel and work on patting and rubbing the water off. Next, use the towel to dry off your toes, toenails, and the gaps between each of your toes.

Apply a Moisturizer to Your Feet After Washing and Drying

Moisturizing is important for your whole body, and you can’t forget about your feet!

Once your feet are clean and dry, grab your favorite body lotion or cream and squeeze out a dime-sized amount onto your fingers. Then, slowly work the lotion into the skin on your feet, rubbing it into the skin on the arch and the toes.

If you want to, use a scented moisturizer to keep foot odor at bay.

Products For Foot Care 

Maintaining your foot health involves using high-quality products on your feet. Here are just a few of our favorites!

It’s essential to use products with healthy ingredients to ensure your feet’ overall aesthetic and health. To learn more about these products, click the links!

Try These Proper Foot Care Tips

What would we do without our feet? To thank them for carrying us around all day, practicing proper foot care is important to ensure your feet are healthy and happy. Now that you’re aware of these helpful tips, your feet with surely thank you!

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