Massage and Hungarian Facials at Mountainside Spa is a new relaxing experience in Salt Lake City, Utah. We busted the needed time frame off the spa experience and ditched the fluff and buff that everyone seems to associate with the spa.

Here at Mountainside Spa we consider ourselves Athletic, Sports Massage Therapists and we throw in a spa twist with some warm towels and aromatherapy. We personalize every session to target what you need and ask for. Our therapist are trained in house by our Leader and Founder Ezralea Robbins, a veteran Massage Therapist with over 23 years of experience coaches and mentors all Mountainside Spa Employees to provide amazing customer service and hands on skills.  Ez is a snob about massage and wants to make sure that your experience at Mountainside Spa is a relaxing, melt your stress away day.

Always accepting of comments full of love and feedback.

Hope to see you in the Spa.