Can massage help Depression, anxiety, worry and sleep disorders? Well I can’t say you will worry less, that is a deal you have to make with yourself but I can tell you that years ago I dealt with deep depression. And I still have a hard time with sleep. I have to give myself permission to sleep. And if I miss the window of tiredness at 9pm because I want to stay up then forget it. I could be fighting sleep all night. I find when I don’t sleep enough my muscles and joints ache. I can’t even get comfortable enough to sleep. That’s when I know I need to get a massage. After a massage, and it needs to be a great massage. I can sleep through a few nights. And I feel better over all. My anxiety and depression wane and I’m able to see through the stress. Depression does not go away over night. It subsides by seeking proper treatment and accepting that you need to put yourself first and take care of the life you live. Most of my depression came from always trying to be what someone else needed. When I claimed my life for myself and told my sticking thinking that I am worthy of sleep and self care. When I committed to a path of self care that included massages, nightly bathes, time away from computers and more time just being well Depression and I, we don’t dance nearly as often as we use to. I’m content with that.