Give the gift of a romantic massage this Valentine’s Day #treatyourself

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We were recently on Good for Utah sharing our tips for giving your partner a great massage, check it out!


Want to treat your valentines to a relaxing romantic massage? Here’s a recipe for the perfect date night.

Step 1. Make the night extraordinary!

  • Get alone, for most couples a night at home together alone (ditch the kiddos at grandmas) is perfect!
  • Order takeout or cook a special meal.
  • Buy flowers to add a bit of beauty to the night.


Step 2. Prepare your ambiance.

  • Draw a warm bath, add scented bath salts to help relax sore muscles and create a space that is all about nurturing each other with time and attention.
  • Use a high quality favorite lotion or coconut oil as your massage oil
    (we recommend one of our scented body butters).


Step 3. Take turns giving each other massages.

  • Start by placing a sheet or large towel to prevent oil stains on your bed.
  • Begin by massaging your partner’s feet. Use the lotion or oil to help create a long flowing movement from the heel to the toes. Continuing the same movement you can begin circling from the inside of the foot to the outer edges as you move up from the heel to the toes.
  • Be both firm and soft all at once. If you feel knots in the muscle, apply pressure for a minute without movement and allow the knot to slowly fade under your touch.
  • Inner lace your fingers and scoop the calf from the knee to the ankle, use gliding circular motion with the palm of your hands on the outer part of the calf from the ankle to the knee. Do this 3x on each leg.
  • Next massage the thighs 3x – To complete the legs create a long flowing massage stroke with firm pressure move from ankle all the way up the leg and scoop under the leg inter lacing your fingers and move from the thigh to the foot.
  • Have you partner turn over on to their stomach. Use a small pillow or towel rolled up for your lover to rest their head.
  • Give a great back massage by using the fatty part of your palm when applying pressure. Create a firm movement from the upper back to the lower back circling your hand movements off the hips
  • Create a stretch in their neck by moving the shoulder towards their feet. Ask them to turn their head to get the other shoulder.
  • Lean over your partner press firmly on the muscle on each side of the spine. You can also use your thumbs or fingers on either side of the spine in small circular motions move the muscle away from the spine.


These massage movements with a firm/soft flowing stroke will be perfect to help your partner relax.

I think the best present from my honey is when I indulge in the time spent together. Just being. It’s in these moments that I allow myself to put down my super woman cape and connect to the place of falling in love all over again.

If your not sure about giving a massage… come enjoy the spa – hot tubs and saunas. We will create a perfect retreat for you on Valentine’s Day!

Here are some more pic from our time on Good for Utah!

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