Spa days are no longer just for adults!


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Baby spa day!

We sometimes think that spa days are only meant for adults. Anyone of any age can enjoy the benefits and beauty of a spa treatment, even a newborn baby.

Angeles is the newest addition to our Mountainside Spa family, as well as Our fearless leader, Ezralea’s family at her home. Congratulations! We all have been showing her love and attention any chance we get. For the baby’s first bath and every bath time since, Ezralea turned to the products she knows and trusts, Eminence’s Stone Crop Collection.


Stone Crop Collection by Eminence is great for even the most sensitive skin types


For those with even the most sensitive skin, our Stone Crop Collection hydrates the skin with oil-free extracts and assists to even skin tones, leaving a healthy complexion.

Angeles loves her baby spa days; a warm bath and a massage with our Stonecrop gel wash and lotion! The Stonecrop gel wash keeps her baby soft skin, baby soft. No cradle cap or baby acne! Plus mom loves the fact that she smells like Stonecrop and not baby spit up!

We love this product because the stonecrop plant is like an Aloe on steroids. It helps heal sensitive skin and soothe burns from too much sun exposure. It also heals blemishes and hyper pigmentation.

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Angeles loves her spa days!

But don’t just take baby Angeles word for it, try it for yourself! You can pick up the Eminence Stone Crop Collection at any of our locations. And sure, book yourself an appointment while you are picking up these products because us adults like spa days too!