5 Hostess Gifts Any Woman Will Love

Can you believe that three out of five people lie about liking gifts they’ve received?

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time and money on a gift and worrying about if your loved one will enjoy it. To be a better holiday gift giver, you want to keep up with the latest trends and consider your loved ones’ unique personalities.

Have you been invited to a special event and need some wonderful hostess gifts? Keep reading our gift guide so you can get inspired by five brilliant ideas they’re sure to appreciate.

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1. Rejuvenating Spa Treatments

Planning a dinner party or any other wonderful event is stressful work! If you want to express your gratitude, the best way to give thanks is by spoiling the hostess with some high-quality spa treatments.

There’s a wide variety of options from which you can choose. You can never go wrong with massages, facials, body scrubs, or bundled packages. When in doubt, you can opt for a spa gift card so your hostess can select the service she’s most excited about.

2. Skincare Kit

When crafting a skincare kit as a gift for your hostess, there are many things to consider. The skincare items you include in the kit depend primarily on their skin concerns. For example, facial cleansers and moisturizers tailored toward hydration would be best if they have dry skin. If they have acne-prone skin, look for products specifically formulated to target breakouts.

Toners are often excellent multitaskers and help balance the complexion by removing any oils or impurities from the skin’s surface and should be included on any skincare gift list.

Finally, don’t forget about sunscreen! SPF can protect against wrinkles and other signs of aging and keep skin safe from sun damage. When put together in an aesthetically pleasing kit, these skincare staples make an ideal gift to show appreciation for your hostess’s hospitality.  

3. Spa Gift Basket

Whether you’re looking to thank your hostess or surprise a loved one, putting together such a basket is an easy and rewarding experience.

Start by picking out skincare products like facial masks and moisturizers. These will help everybody relax, rejuvenate their skin, and feel totally pampered. You can then consider adding luxurious bath products such as body wash, body scrub, bubble baths, or candles with soothing scents like white tea or lavender. Finally, top off your basket with essential extras such as soft towels, spa music CDs, and a robe.

4. Battery Candles

Sometimes the best kinds of gifts are the things that seem so obvious, but people rarely buy for themselves. Battery candles are a genius idea since they’re more accessible and safer than traditional ones.

Your hostess will never have to run around the house looking for matches or a lighter ever again. Since these candles never melt away, they’re a gift that will keep on giving.

5. A Gourmet Treat Basket

After pulling off a successful event, every good hostess deserves to treat herself to some gourmet treats. If you want to help her relax, then you can hunt for the perfect basket or shop for individual ingredients and build your own basket.

She’ll be so grateful for this indulgence.

Your Loved One Will Adore These Hostess Gifts

Coming up with wonderful hostess gifts doesn’t need to be complicated. This simple guide can help you impress your loved ones on any special occasion.

Would you like to give the gift of relaxation? Mountainside Spa can help. Check out our services so you can find the perfect gift.

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Would you like to give the gift of relaxation? Mountainside Spa can help. Check out our services so you can find the perfect gift.