Top Tips for Taking Care of the Skin Around Your Eyes

The delicate, thin skin around our eyes is especially prone to dryness, fine lines, and dark circles, making you look tired and older than you are. Squinting, too much sun exposure (along with other environmental elements,) and the gradual breakdown of collagen speed this process up.

This makes eye skincare one of the most effective ways to address the signs of premature aging. So keep reading to learn more about what you can do to preserve and refresh your under-eye skin.

Top tips for taking care of the skin around your eyes


The dreaded signs of aging are even more apparent if you have dry skin around your eyes. Staying moisturized is an essential facet of a robust eye skincare regimen. If you don’t have any specific concerns, such as crow’s feet or dark circles, feel free to use your favorite facial moisturizer under your eyes as well.

Pat On a Serum

For the best results for dry skin under the eyes, consider adding a serum to your repertoire. Serums differ from a standard moisturizer or eye cream because they contain higher amounts of potent ingredients, so a little goes a long way. Also, they are designed to absorb and leave nothing behind on your skin. 

For banishing fine lines, check out Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum. It features an award-winning blend of stem cells from green apples and neroli oil. 

Choose an Eye Cream

When choosing an eye cream, you should look at the ingredients and make sure they target the results you are after. For example, experts say that if lessening the visibility of wrinkles is your aim, look for eye creams with retinol or peptides. But, if you need to target dark circles, vitamin C and niacinamides are your best friends. 

This specially formulated eye cream for sensitive skin contains peptides and snow mushrooms for intense hydration and a refreshed look.

Tips for Fine Lines and Puffiness

If you have crepey skin under your eyes, your skin is more prone to developing fine lines. Besides a targeted eye cream or serum, you can also protect that delicate skin from further damage by using sunscreen.

Also, be careful not to tear and stretch the skin around your eyes when applying creams or cosmetics. Instead, use a gentle, circular patting motion with only your fingertips to apply.

And while serums can go a long way in reducing the appearance of bags under your eyes, the best way to address puffiness is to remedy the cause of the puffiness in the first place. Staying hydrated throughout the day, taking care of your allergies, and getting plenty of rest are the top ways you can reduce under-eye bags immediately.

Give Your Eyes a Tapping Massage

Invigorate your eye skin in 30 seconds by incorporating a daily eye massage into your routine. Using only the tips of your index and middle fingers to tap around your eyes lightly will stimulate nourishing blood flow to the area.

Then, follow a circular motion around the whole eye but be sure not to pull the skin, or you risk making tiny tears. 

Do Commit to Eye Skin Care

These quick eye skincare tips are also tiny acts of self-care you can do every day. You’re worth it.

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