Host a Spa Bridal Shower: Ditch the Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding can be chaotic and stressful. But spa trips are fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Instead of sticking with tradition, treat your blushing bride to a much-needed spa day.

Trade out the bridal shower games with cucumber masks at your spa bridal shower. It’s a fun way to celebrate the bride-to-be while also getting pampered. Talk about a win-win!

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How to Host Your Spa Bridal Shower

Once you’ve chosen your spa, get all the details ironed out. From decorations to goody bags, stick with the spa theme to wow your guests.

Determine Your Budget

To plan the perfect spa trip, first, decide if you’ll be paying for the entire trip or if your guests will be responsible for their own treatments.

There’s no shame in asking guests to contribute $25 to $30 for their spa day, just make sure they know ahead of time! Ask for contribution along with RSVPs to help manage upfront costs.

spa bridal shower

Pick a Spa

Find a local spa that can accommodate your group. Different places offer packages that cater to bigger parties.
You want a spa that offers different activities, from massages to facials. You also want to emphasize relaxation, so find an establishment that helps guests escape the daily grind.

Keep costs in mind as you plan. See what spas can accommodate your budget in a way that you get the best bang for your buck.

Use Google or Yelp to check out reviews of spas in your area. Pick one with professional staff and a solid reputation. It’s worthwhile paying a little extra money for a better experience.

Always check out the venue before you book. Websites can be deceiving, so ask for a quick tour so you know exactly what to expect on the day of the shower.

Send Out the Invites

Once you’ve reserved your spa, get your invitations together. It’s recommended to send bridal invitations six to eight weeks in advance. If many guests are out-of-towners, try to give them as much notice as possible.

On the invitations, instruct guests to RSVP to one person. It can get confusing when multiple people are keeping track of the guest list.

Keep an Excel Spreadsheet of all invited guests and check them off as they respond. Make sure the RSVP date gives you enough time to coordinate the exact number of guests with the spa. You need enough time to get everyone’s RSVP before you have to submit your final number to the spa.

Pick out spa-themed invitations (check out these for inspiration). Make sure you have the arrival time, RSVP contact info, and any costs the guests are responsible for written clearly on your invites.

Plan Your Spa Day

Customize your spa trip to accommodate your girls. Start with manis and pedis and end with a trip to the jacuzzi. As long as you pick a spa with lots to choose from, you should be able to plan out a fun-filled day.

Some of the best spa bridal shower activities are:

  • Manis and pedis
  • Massages
  • Group yoga
  • Body treatments (wraps, aromatherapy, and body scrubs)
  • Larger spas may offer spa stations where guests can indulge in multiple activities. This keeps everyone entertained throughout the afternoon.

Keep It Healthy

A day at the spa is all about rejuvenating your body and mind. Keep that in mind if you’re serving food.

Stick with light fares, like salads and tea sandwiches. Try incorporating fruit cups, cheese and crackers, and veggie platters. For dessert, small cupcakes are easiest to hand out.

As for refreshments, consider detoxing cucumber water or stress-relieving mint tea punch. Keep plenty of water on hand, especially if guests will be using the sauna.

Bridal Spa Shower Decor

A spa bridal shower should be relaxing. Keep that in mind when it comes to decorating for the event.

Keep the decorations soft. Incorporate light, pastel colors as opposed to bold and bright ones. Play some relaxing tunes during the party at a soft volume.

If the spa allows, tea light candles are affordable and ideal for setting a relaxing mood. Burning incense can also help spread a relaxing aroma, making guests feel at ease.

Bridal Gifts

Instead of registering for typical homeowner gifts, your bride-to-be should ask for spa-related items. Some great ideas include:

  • A gift card to the spa (for a pre-wedding facial!)
  • Creams, lotions, and body sprays
  • Hair products
  • Beauty accessories (such as a plush bathrobe or new hair dryer)
  • Nail polish and personal grooming sets

Any bride should appreciate some beauty accessories to help her glam up!

Send Guests Home With Goodies

Before you send guests on their way, make sure they have something to remember the beautiful bridal shower. A goody bag is a great way to say thanks to everyone who made it out to celebrate the blushing bride.

Stick with the spa-theme when it comes to the goody bags. Throw in some manicure accessories like nail files and toe separators. Add in delicious-smelling lotions, sprays, or at-home facial masks.

Pro hint: stop by a department store and grab some free samples. Throw those into your goody bags and your guests will love it!

Plan a Day at the Spa

Everyone needs a trip to the spa, especially a new bride! Between the pampering, facials, and massages, who wouldn’t? If your newlywed-to-be could use some relaxation and rejuvenation, give her a spa bridal shower.

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