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Massage Memberships

Mountainside Spa now has Memberships!

You asked, so we made it. And we made our membership to create a win-win for everyone.

Become a Mountainside Member for $65 a month.
Pay your 1st and last month for the following benefits.

Mountainside Members enjoy the freedom and affordability of our menu with our $1 per minute pricing. Whether it’s 10 minutes to 100 minutes, our Massage Therapists will target specific aches and pains and create a customized treatment by combining Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Therapies to create a personalized treatment for you.

Included with Membership:

  • One (1) 60-minute Massage Therapy session or One (1) 50 Minute Organic Facial per month
  • Membership Pricing for Additional Treatments – Massage, Facials, Body Treatments and Waxing
    • $1 per minute
    • 10% off Retail
    • Add-On Therapies 50% off

Unused sessions roll over and DO NOT expire. Unused sessions can be converted into Gift Cards for the total amount paid, to give to others. (Membership pricing does apply to non-members).

~30 Day Cancellation Notice Required ~
~ 6 month agreement ~ month to month after that

Professional Massage Therapy

A restorative relaxing massage eases muscle pain, anxiety & fatigue. Our Massage Therapists will target specific aches and pains and create a customized treatment by combining Swedish and Deep Tissue to create Stress relief. A great massage is a deep breath of fresh air for your mind, body & soul.
$40 – 30 Minute Massage
$80 – 60 Minute Massage
$110 – 90 Minute Massage
$150 – 120 Minute Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to help you relax and ease chronic tension from everyday stress. This massage uses a variety of muscle-release techniques with deep pressure adjusted to your comfort level.
** Sports therapy treatments and stretching can also be incorporated.

Swedish Massage

A soothing and gentle massage consisting of long, flowing strokes and kneading massage techniques that will promote increased circulation and reduce tension.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle pressure to specific points on the head, spine, and sacrum induce a deep sense of relaxation. This is a great therapy for headache sufferers.


This therapy works on the nervous system through pressure points in the hands and feet, creating restorative healing and deep peacefulness.

Add-on Treatments

$15 per add-on treatment

Incorporate any of the add-ons below to enhance your massage therapy experience.

Altitude Therapy

This therapy relieves altitude discomfort by providing oxygen supplements that give the body what it needs to recover during your stay in the mountains.

Hot Stone Therapy

Warm, ocean-tumbled stones are used to massage muscles and to create deep relaxation while delivering an exceptional healing experience.

Sore Muscle Therapy

This therapy targets bruising, swelling and discomfort by releasing tension and pain from over-used muscles and stiff joints.

Dry Skin Therapy

Choose from our selection of body butters and specialty lotions to nurture your skin with deep hydration during your massage.

Back Scratcher Therapy

Eminence Organic Facials

Organic Hungarian Facial

60 minutes – $90.00
Your skin care specialist will customize your treatment to your skin’s needs. You will receive a deep cleanse and exfoliation on your face and neck, followed by an application of healing and hydrating masques with our signature face and neck massage. Your treatment is completed with a serum, toner and moisture cream.

Eminence Facial Retreat (Back Facial included)

90 minutes – $135.00

Pick Me Up Facial

30 minutes – $55.00
We will cleanse, exfoliate and apply a treatment mask to target your skin’s needs. Our signature face and scalp massage includes a hydrating cream and will leave you recharged and ready to take on the day. Great for young spa goers or for a quick maintenance day.

Back Facial

30 minutes – $55.00

Mountain Main Scrub-Up

60 minutes – $90.00

A Hungarian Facial with Eminence Organic Skin Care is a crafted raw food diet for the skin. Our skincare experts use targeted treatments to repair and protect your skin from stress and the aging processes. Combined with a face lifting massage that targets how you smile, frown and squint to relax the muscles in your face, head, neck and shoulders.

Facial Therapies

Eye & Lip Treatment     $ 15

Organic Chemical Peel     $25

The Eminence Promise

Our promise is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care products. We are committed to protecting the future of our planet through our green practices – for every product sold we will plant a tree.

Body Scrubs & Treatments

Our body scrubs and treatments are mixed to order. Choose an exfoliant, blended with your favorite scents and oils.

Body Scrub – 30 minutes   $50

Body Wrap – 60 minutes  $90
Organic Medicinal Wrap – 60 minutes  $100

Lash & Foot Treatments

Reflexology Tired Feet Relief

45 minutes     $ 65 Treat your feet with a warm liniment mud treatment and reflexology foot massage.

Lash Extensions

Full Set      $ 99

Lash Fills:  1 week fill – $ 24  /  2 week fill – $ 49  /  3 week fill – $74

Monthly Lash Membership

2 fills per month         $ 80


We can clean you up and shape your brows on point or on fleek. Prices based on the size of the area treated.

Facial Waxing

Ladies, blame it on grandma and the heritage you grew up with! Be it peach fuzz or the chin hairs that pop after puberty and babies…. And what’s up with the mustache that shows like a Fu Manchu? Thanks a lot Gma!

Brow Design $30
Man Brow $18
Brow Tint $15
Brow Touch-up $18
Lash Tint  $17
Nose $12
Lip $8
Chin $8
Lip & Chin $15
Full Face $ 45


Man Brows

Don’t worry guys. We can remove the uni brow and lift your eyes without anyone being the wiser. There’s no reason to stay rugged and unruly when a little trim will do. Our technique of the man brow keeps you looking like a Manly Man.

Body Waxing

Bikini $35
Brazilian $65
Full Leg $65
Half leg $45
Underarm $25
Back Wax $45
Toes $8

Spa Packages

Mountainside Retreat

75 minutes     $ 120
Create your own spa retreat. Choose two (2) services from our menu and tell us how you want to spend your day.

Man of the Mountain Retreat

75 minutes $ 120
Massage on the back, head, neck & shoulders, with our Tired Feet Relief and a boost of altitude therapy.

Alpine Retreat

100 minutes     $ 150
This package includes a body treatment or facial of your choice, followed by a therapeutic massage. Your retreat will melt away stress and rejuvenate the spirit.

Nordic Retreat

150 minutes     $ 245
Melting your muscles & bones from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, with our Hot Stone Massage, Organic Hungarian Facial & Tired Feet Relief.

Reflexology Tired Feet Relief

45 minutes    $ 65
Warm liniment foot wrap, with a head, neck, and scalp treatment followed by a reflexology foot massage.

Intuitive Healing

Our bodies contain the truth of our physical and emotional needs. Intuitive hands on healing is a practice that relies on the five senses and Chakra (chi) system to locate and correct the body’s natural energy flow.

In our muscles and nervous system we hold patterns of belief. All beliefs help guide us to create the life we choose to live. When the body and mind has settled on beliefs that no longer serve our life’s purpose, Intuitive healing can help shift and guide us back to peace through the ancient techniques passed down through 1000’s of years.

When your spirit feels lost… seek your purpose.

60 Minutes – $80

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