Massage Therapy

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Professional Massage Therapy

A restorative relaxing massage eases muscle pain, anxiety & fatigue. Our Massage Therapists will target specific aches and pains and create a customized treatment by combining Swedish and Deep Tissue to create Stress relief. A great massage is a deep breath of fresh air for your mind, body & soul.

$40 – 30 Minute Massage

$80 – 60 Minute Massage

$110 – 90 Minute Massage

$150 – 120 Minute Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to help you relax and ease chronic tension from everyday stress. This massage uses a variety of muscle-release techniques with deep pressure adjusted to your comfort level.
** Sports therapy treatments and stretching can also be incorporated.

Swedish Massage

A soothing and gentle massage consisting of long, flowing strokes and kneading massage techniques that will promote increased circulation and reduce tension.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle pressure to specific points on the head, spine, and sacrum induce a deep sense of relaxation. This is a great therapy for headache sufferers.


This therapy works on the nervous system through pressure points in the hands and feet, creating restorative healing and deep peacefulness.

Add-on Treatments

Incorporate any of the add-ons below (and we add new options regularly so check our booking site!), to enhance your massage therapy experience. $15 per add-on

Altitude Therapy

This therapy relieves altitude discomfort by providing oxygen supplements that give the body what it needs to recover during your stay in the mountains.

Hot Stone Therapy

Warm, ocean-tumbled stones are used to massage muscles and to create deep relaxation while delivering an exceptional healing experience.

Sore Muscle Therapy

This therapy targets bruising, swelling and discomfort by releasing tension and pain from over-used muscles and stiff joints.

Dry Skin Therapy

Choose from our selection of body butters and specialty lotions to nurture your skin with deep hydration during your massage.


Back Scratcher Therapy